October Dogs

Essex Art Walk 10.2.09

Great Evening. The Circus is coming to the Essex! Performers were showing off their tricks! Watch for upcoming performances. The candy corn was flowing and Kaufmann/Rogers Studio had a great showing of art, jewelery and mosaics. 

Fall 2009

Busy fall! The Red Tree Gallery had a "Scapes" Show. Landscapes, cityscapes and seascapes in their new space on Madison Road in Oakley. We had a beautiful day for the Berhinger Crawford Museum Fresh Art Show. September 20th was the Mason Art Show. Great show! September 26th and 27th was the Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park Art Fair. This weekend, October 2nd and 3rd is the Essex Studios Art Walk . 6-11pm. Wild Carrot  will be performing . I will be participating in the 30th Annual Wine Tasting and Art Auction for Cancer Family Care on November 6th. On November 7th ProKids  will have their Perfect Party. Secret Artworks is November 20th Shhh...I will have a piece at this event... December 4th and 5th will be our Holiday Art Walk at The Essex Studios Holiday Show . Stop by for a visit! 6-11pm

Essex Studio Show October 2nd and 3rd 6 -10

New Landscapes

Summerfair 2009

Great weekend at Summerfair.  Fox 19 Frank Marzullo reporting the weather Friday morning. My paintings on display.

A Pig in the Studio!

This is the pig I painted for my friend Beth Schiff. All of her friends pitched in for the pig to celebrate her birthday!

Helene and John Bentley have the most beautiful garden. I love to visit during the different seasons. I spoke with Helene today and she said the peonies were almost ready to open. I will be visiting again next week but wanted to post some of the pictures I shot today. Thanks Helene! 

Innocent victims

Today a friend forwarded an email to me from a woman who is trying to find a home for her 2 gorgeous labs, one chocolate, one yellow. She is losing her home in the housing crisis, and her family is being forced into an apartment situation. They didn't find one that allows dogs.
So she is desperately asking for someone to take these two, and to keep them together as they are inseparable.
This afternoon my partner Jeff took Sydney to the dog park for a romp. There was an abandoned dog left there in the small dog area, a collar but no tags. Older animal and under-nourished, wouldn't let anyone close to it. Jeff called the SPCA rather than allow it to stay out another frigid night....He would have brought the poor guy home if he had been approachable.
The timing of my morning email with this abandoned one leaves me speculating that the owner of that dog could be another foreclosure victim. Obviously the 'abandoner' knew the dog would be noticed by dog lovers. How many animals will lose not only their homes in this crisis, but also their families?

Sweet Adelaide came to me as a 6- month old pup found on the streets of Oakley by friends Pam & Spencer just 3 years ago. Last week she was struck by a car and killed.
This gorgeous girl made us laugh with her serious clownishness. She helped me feel safe at home and wherever we went together.
Sydney the brown (see studio dogs in an earlier post) and I are sticking pretty close together these days. I couldn't tell if Sydney missed her until we saw a black lab at the park today, from a distance. Now I know.

Polly Hart's Dog Drawings


Drawings 2.11.09