Frame making with found materials

Fall 2013

Celebrations, arrivals, departures... it has been a busy fall.

Hikes, football games and Halloween festivities...

Studio Door

Shea, painting the front door of my studio.

Mystery Girl



Buenos Aires! WOW! Thank You Alex!

Alex saying the last goodbye to her buddies.

Alex and Doug with the wonderful man who sold us a beautiful piece of artwork by: Mabel Berzano.

Polly Hart and her sweet daughter Hannah Hart!! at City Flea

A budding artist! at The Cincinnati City Flea

The Polly Hart Studio right next to Inez Baird!

The latest window... summer/freezer-pop inspired.

My storefront windows on Eastern Avenue have been a fun place to experiment with different materials, lighting, hanging systems... just about anything you can put in a window. Drive by... see whats happening in the window. 

These are your basic freezer-pops. But at night, back-lit, they become a colorful, fun installation!