After cleaning my paint brushes in a hurry yesterday, I came in this morning to find this beautiful color left over in the pan. 

Pop up Dinner in OTR

We had a wonderful dinner that Ryan Santos and his crew whipped up last week.
Watch this great video: Please to eat you.

Manifest Marathon 3.16/17.13

Drawing Marathon. Brian, our model, held a standing pose (without moving!) for 45 minutes at a time. He made it look quite easy, most models couldn't last but about 20 minutes without a break. Some really nice drawings and paintings came out of this weekend. As always, thank you MANIFEST for making these marathons happen. It is a great way for people who live further away to enjoy the Manifest Drawing Center. Tyler Wilkinson and Rebecca Davies (shown seated) with her initial drawing.

Big Shoes

I spend a lot of time watching 5th grade boys basketball. 
Very big shorts, large shoes and a lot of passion and perspiration. 
Quick gesture sketches from my sketchbook brought
into Adobe Illustrator and then some color dropped in.
Beautiful Italianate Architecture of Over-the-Rhine. 

Chef Sketches

Great dinner at Abigail Street . 
It inspired me to capture this image of 
the fabulous chef Daniel Wright

 And this one I call "Garlic Girl!"


Rosebuds & Pastries


This has been excellent for studio time!
Not good for most everything else.