Another trip south

This time we stopped in Asheville. I had never been to The Biltmore. It was interesting to see. I really enjoyed the Riverside Arts District. Here are a few photos.


The Lift Studio

Polly Hart Studio

Project Update: I will be illustrating some of the exciting things that are happening in Over-The-Rhine. The project has expanded from a cover illustration to a 10 page spread with illustrations. I have spent a lot of time walking around this area of downtown. It is fun to see all the changes.


I did a very quick sketch of a bride coming down the steps of a cathedral in Santo Domingo. These are sketches playing off that fleeting moment.

I love the feel of this piece. I think it captures what I am after.

Sleeping dog sketches...

Little green building...

In the window


I'm very excited about a new project, photographs of Over-The-Rhine for an upcoming publication. I went downtown today to walk around and take a look. It is amazing how vibrant and active Washington Park has become - on a Friday morning. There was a group of young ladies about 8 years old playing tiny violins while being accompanied by an orchestra in the bandstand! It was so amazing! Here are some images I captured:

Polly Hart Studio

 Art hanging in the window!

I haven't pulled all my pastels out in quite awhile. It was fun to see them all again! They are made here in Cincinnati... (Northside)  Great American Pastels. I love how soft they are!