2011 New Year, New Works, New Series

A new year and I am looking forward to creating new imagery through several series I am working on. I'm excited to see how these series evolve over the next couple of months.

Ripped from the headlines...
The first series are quick sketches that relate to what is happening in the world each week. 2011 started off with redwinged blackbirds falling from the sky on New Years Eve, followed by the tragic Tucson shooting: the face of hope, murdered by a lunatic.

    unrest in Egypt

and the stubborn unemployment rates.

Exploring the various interior/exterior, rural/urban landscapes:

     • Capturing the landscape and fabric of the neighborhood that exsists along McMillan Avenue between the Essex Studios and Gilbert Avenue. I drive through this area each day and I'm always fascinated by these few blocks and what is going on in the neighborhood. The other day as I drove down McMillan one of my favorite old buildings was being torn town. I thought I need to work on this series before more changes like this happen. 

After 124 years Louis Meats is closing...

Update Fall 2011:
Check out this video clip: 

More and more buildings come down.

I came across an artist whose style so captures the feeling of this neighborhood: Jamey Christoph . Check out his website, tab "Cleveland Inspired"I love his work. 

Jamey Christoph
Jamey Christoph
Jamey Christoph
Jamey Christoph

• Exploring the interior landscape I am most familiar with, and how these images appear at night as the lighting is most dramatic.

• and the vast rural landscape I have always been drawn to.

The Second Act
 And drawing on my graphic design backgroud "The Second Act" is a series that profiles women embarking on the next career. I have been inspired by many of these women who are heading back into the workforce with a variety of career paths. I hope to capture their stories. This is a photo of rough sketches outlining my ideas.

Update Fall 2011:
Eight creative, talented, determined women - and all friends whom I admire very much:

Elizabeth Schmidt Interior Design Betsy has been in the business a long time, but this year she has officially become an empty-nester. She now jets all over the country to take care of her clients.
Jamie VanLanduyt - JVL Design Artist/Painter/Designer
Gerry Schulze Biking Master Extrodinaire
JH Image Consultant For everything fashion.
Kelli Evans Recent MFA Grad. Professor of Graphic Design, Published Author.
Best Kept Secret: Linder Hunt The best cook, entertainer and dinner party thrower - ever!!
Anne Cavellier Anne started her real estate career at exactly the time the recession hit. 
She stuck with it, and has become a very successful realtor.
Diane Debevec/Artful Habitats Diane is my faithful studio partner. I so admire the community that she has built. 
In her own words: My primary work as a fine artist is supported in part by the old buildings I own in historic Prospect Hill, located in downtown Cincinnati. Not only do they provide my residence but also a community within a friendly neighborhood. A love of old buildings combined with an enjoyment of getting to know a wide variety of people turns out to be a natural match for my work as a landlord.

All these women I have admired for their hard work, determination and success! You go girls!!

Shedd Aquarium
I have been working with images that we took at the Shedd Aquarium over Christmas. I have been playing around with different transparent images over gold and silverleaf. Once I am happy with the process I am going to work with layers of resin to add further dimension to the pieces. Website for the Shedd Aquarium