Wasson Way

Wouldn't this be a beautiful bike path?! It has been awhile since I have walked up to this area. This is adjacent to Ault Park. I was amazed at how overgrown it has become from lack of use, but the tracks and tressels are in great shape for a path! See the plan: Wasson Way and Wasson Way article

Andy Fletcher

I love this guys work! I met him at Summerfair a few years ago. I have one of his paintings hanging in our living room. It transport me to another place every time I look at it. Here is a link to his website: Andy Fletcher Blog

A beautiful morning

On mornings like this, when the fog hangs in the river valley and the skies are clear blue just above on the hillsides, I love to head over to Turpin Farm. It is an area that remains unchanged amongst all the urban/suburban sprawl. It sits along the Little Miami River.


It would have been my parents 57th wedding anniversary today. I drove down to see my Dad. Route 42 along the river. Beautiful old barns and out buildings all along the way.

Around the studio

My new studio is in the old Linwood Lodge No.567

 And the famous Terry's Turf Club is right down the street!

Couldn't resist ordering a new fixie "art"bike for my very short, but hilly commute!
Republic Bikes  (check this site out!)
This bike is one of many "fixie's" I saw on the streets of Savannah.

I have enjoyed meeting some of my new neighbors! There are a lot of exciting things happening! Renovation of old buildings into art facilities is happening all around.

and the very best part about my studio... the LIGHT!!! Every morning it streams through the front windows! Even on a cloudy day it is bright. I had a friend make me a huge screen door, so not only light, but a wonderful breeze on these September days.

Alla Prima Workshop @ Manifest

Emil Robinson, our fearless leader.   Manifest

Love these palettes created during the workshop.

A trip south

Enjoyed my visit to this beautiful museum.

This was a fun event!

and she's all moved in. 

Maura Robson Music Studio

My friend Maura has just opened a music studio across the street from my new studio. It was fun visiting her space. It is beautiful, thoughtful and warm. Have a look...