Polly Kernen Hart

Polly Kernen Hart, a native of Louisville, Kentucky, received her degree in Graphic Design from the University of Cincinnati. Prior to coming to Cincinnati, she studied drawing, painting and ceramics. During this time she traveled extensively throughout the western United States - living, working and capturing this beautiful part of America.

Ms. Hart gained international experience working in design firms and studios from New York to London. After returning to Cincinnati, she worked as an art director at several design firms and advertising agencies. Polly joined Diane Debevec to create Studio #130 @ the Essex in East Walnut Hills. Polly has recently opened her own space @ 4786 Eastern Ave and Linwood.  She has focused much of her creativity toward painting and drawing while maintaining her freelance graphic design business helping many non-profits with their design needs.

Polly’s imagery focuses on landscapes and figurative images by using a variety of mixed media. She often can be found with sketchbook or camera in hand observing the world around her. “I have always enjoyed sketching - capturing quick vignettes of people interacting with one another and recording the ever-changing vistas a landscape has to offer. 

Ms. Hart is very community oriented. She has participated in many shows throughout the region and enjoys collaborating on creative projects and events that bring Cincinnati into a positive urban light.

selected publications
U&lc Magazine, New York, NY
“For A Better World” Poems and Drawings on Peace and Justice. Cincinnati, OH
Home & Garden Magazine, New York, NY
"Being Green" Illustrations, Cincinnati, OH
"Best Magazine" Illustrations, Cincinnati, OH

selected awards and honors
U&lc Magazine, New York, NY. International Design Competition, Award of Merit
Mainstrausse Artist Collaborative, Covington, KY. Juried Show, Award of Merit
Mason Art Show, Mason, OH. Juried Art Show, Award of Merit

selected solo or two-person shows
The Garden Market, Cincinnati, OH 
Dan Binford Interiors, Cincinnati, OH

selected group shows
Essex 2013
Artworks 2013
Secret Artworks 2012
Living  Art Design Consultants 2012
Essex 2012
The   Masters 2011
Artibility Art Design Consultants 2011
Essex 2011
A.R.T. Gallery, Wyoming, Ohio 2010
Top 100 Artists of 2009 chosen to EXPOSE. Artworks Gallery 2010
Penrod, Indianapolis, IN. Juried Show 2010
Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati, OH 2010
Wyoming Art Show, Juried Show, Wyoming, OH 2010
The Essex Studios, Group Studio Shows, 2005 - 2010
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, Juried Show, Hamilton, OH 2009
Mason Art Show, Juried Show, Mason, OH 2009
Redtree Gallery, Invitational Show, Oakley, 2009
Summerfair, Juried Show, Coney Island 2009
Artonomy Gallery, Cincinnati, OH 2008
Pendleton Final Fridays, Cincinnati, OH 2007-2009
Pro Kids, Invitational Show. Cincinnati, OH 2006-2008
“Power of Six” University of  Cincinnati  2007
Marx Gallery, Covington, KY 2007
“The View” Rosewood Gallery, Dayton, OH. Juried Show 2006
Mary Ran Gallery, Cincinnati, OH. Invitational Show 2006
Art on the Square, Juried Show. Cincinnati, OH  2000
Dalton Street Studio, Cincinnati, OH 1999-2004    
Art in the Evening - Invitational Show Cincinnati, OH 2003-2006
Art Design Consultants, Invitational Show 2003-2005
“Again” The Glendale Gallery. Cincinnati, OH 
The Carnegie Visual + Performing Arts Center, Covington, KY
Cinergy Traveling Exhibit - Juried Show - Traveling Exhibit in the Midwest
Mainstrausse Artist Collaborative - Juried Show - Award Winner
Hyde Park Art Show  Cincinnati, OH.  
Art Effects Gallery, Mt. Adams, OH. 
U&lc Gallery - International Design Competition - Award Winner  - NYC
CAGE Gallery