Innocent victims

Today a friend forwarded an email to me from a woman who is trying to find a home for her 2 gorgeous labs, one chocolate, one yellow. She is losing her home in the housing crisis, and her family is being forced into an apartment situation. They didn't find one that allows dogs.
So she is desperately asking for someone to take these two, and to keep them together as they are inseparable.
This afternoon my partner Jeff took Sydney to the dog park for a romp. There was an abandoned dog left there in the small dog area, a collar but no tags. Older animal and under-nourished, wouldn't let anyone close to it. Jeff called the SPCA rather than allow it to stay out another frigid night....He would have brought the poor guy home if he had been approachable.
The timing of my morning email with this abandoned one leaves me speculating that the owner of that dog could be another foreclosure victim. Obviously the 'abandoner' knew the dog would be noticed by dog lovers. How many animals will lose not only their homes in this crisis, but also their families?