Headed to my home town this weekend. Stopped by the Louisville Slugger Museum and then stopped in the 21C Hotel and Museum. One of our favorite exhibits was "Text Rain" by Camille Utterback and Romy Achituv 

My Dad has moved back to Louisville after several years in Cincinnati. He is happy to be back on the river. 

We had some time to go through old photo albums...

 Ernest Lloyd Kernen

My father's brother was killed on Iwo Jima in 1944. I have heard these stories, but coming across his photos today and seeing how young and handsome he was made me a bit sad. He had graduated from Good Shepherd Catholic Church in 1942 and headed to St. Joseph College in the fall of 1942. He was drafted in the spring of 1943. 

The ones that came before...

These photos intrigued me for the ghostly quality of the double exposure. 

These images have threaded through my work. I feel more of this will happen. 

... and this is what a fraternity party looked like circa 1917 at the University of Kentucky. 
My grandmother, third from left.

Lets Get Dirty...
Mudathlon this was a great event! Had fun watching my friends wallow in mud! Congrats girls!

And another lovely muddy, messy day at Red Bird Hollow