My Spot

My spot... I love to watch the 6:30 evening news. Katie Couric. On a very old TV. You push the on button and it comes on, all 12 stations. No multiple remotes to operate, no DVR, satellite or cable... just me and my dog (the subject of many drawings) and my ancient TV. My husband often asks if I want to upgrade to a better system but I am happy in my spot catching up on what is happening in the world - for a half hour. My daughter often asks why I want to watch all this crazy stuff!? but I do - and then I will glance out the window to my beautiful, serene wooded back yard. I watch the birds come and go from the feeders outside the window. I watch the kids playing. I turn off my old TV and the crazy world outside my home and go outside to enjoy my family, neighbors and friends. 
That is my world right out my window.

Drew's sunflower seedlings