Getting Ready

Waterways 19" x 25" Pastel on paper (this one IS finished)

This coming weekend is one of four out of the year when our building and our studio are open to the public. (February 6th & 7th, 6-11 pm both nights).

It's always good for us to have these deadlines, a way to wrap up whatever we're working on, have some new pieces framed, clean and organize. Yesterday I sent out my mass email letting friends and people who follow my work know that they can drop in to say hello, have a glass of wine, meet other art followers.

For the last 3 shows, I've been trying hard to finish 3 larger oil paintings that are inches away from being complete. They are favorites of mine, and several people have asked when they'd be done. I have worked on all 3 of them since the last show, yet here I am again and they are not quite resolved to my liking. Maybe I'm just not ready to let them go.